Goodnight Malaysian 370: The OFFICIAL Conspiracy Theory


s372238209853599257_p23_i3_w320 (Photo source:

My suspicions of a conspiracy are heightened when books appear very soon after an event, together with an amount of mainstream media hype only available to high-profile authors. ‘GOODNIGHT MALAYSIAN 370’ claims to be ‘The Truth Behind the Loss of Flight 370’, but reeks of an official history and a cover–up of the cover-up:

So soon?

Books usually take years to be written and published before they appear in the bookshops. ‘Goodnight Malaysian 370’ is released on 30th July 2014; less than 21 weeks after the event.

In less than 21weeks (including collating, writing, editing, proofreading, typesetting, etc, etc) Geoff Taylor and Ewan Wilson claim to have:


The book is already being ‘promoted’ in mainstream news outlets: Sunday Express, Huffington Post, The Independent, International Business Times, The Daily Mail, New Zealand Herald, Indian Express; to name but a few.

World Exclusive?:

However… ‘Khan [pilot Zaharie’s brother-in-law] initially claimed the voice from the cockpit was not Zaharie’s, but then telephoned his sister Faizah who … confirmed the voice belonged to her husband.’ What changed his mind to change his story? What changed her mind to speak to a journalist? How much were they paid?

 The ‘official conspiracy theory’ hype:


Add to this that flight MH370 was carrying a cargo that included a large electrical device disguised as ‘a consignment of lithium-ion batteries.’ But ‘[p]ublished cargo records show neither the real shippers nor the real recipients.’

But the authors of ‘Goodnight Malaysian 370’ are sure about one thing (despite no evidence): ‘…it plunged into the Indian Ocean.’

As the holder of a pilot’s licence, I can assure you that a plane cannot disappear. A pilot who makes a Pan-Pan call will be told exactly where he/she is within seconds. A lost plane, no matter how small, is not just improbable, it is IMPOSSIBLE.

Worlds largest aircraft (Photo source: Nottingham Post)

So what happened to MH370? Did it end up at East Midlands Airport and then flown to Ukraine on July 13th?






Massive Hoax 17

Worlds largest aircraftNIGHT-TIME PICK-UP

(Photo source: Nottingham Post)

At first it appeared to be a simple ‘false flag’ event. But there’s more to Massive Hoax 17 (MH17) than simply making it look like the ‘enemy’ shot a plane down. Apart from the media hype (one interviewee on Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’, Thurs 17/7/14, repeatedly ignored questions in order to repeat the mantra… ‘this is not only an act of terrorism, it’s a crime against humanity’), there are the ‘inconsistencies’ about the whole ‘drama’.

Firstly, there is the problem of ‘rebels’ having the capability to shoot down a plane at an altitude of 33,000ft (interesting number in itself, don’t you think?). To do so, would require, not only highly sophisticated weaponry, but also highly trained and technological operators; not the sort that could be launched by a man in a field with a bazooka over his shoulder. But that’s convenient, because it draws in a super-power such as the Russians.

Another convenient (un)truth is the fact that there are no bodies… “armed rebels took the bodies away from their workers by force.”

But there’s more, and this one hits closer to home (if you live in England)…

According to ‘vox’,

“Four Ukrainian military planes have been shot down since June. Two of those incidents appear to have almost certainly have been caused by rebels, apparently demonstrating that they have the ability and willingness to shoot down a plane. But the other two were shot down at high altitude, like the MH17 flight was, and it’s not nearly as clear who was responsible.”

Let’s take a look at a short timeline:

The Fishy bits…

  • The AN-30 and the Il-76 were shot down from a ‘low’ altitude (low enough for a MANPADS missile to hit, ie: below 11,500).
  • The AN-26 and flight MH17 were out of range for a shoulder –fired missile. Either a more sophisticated surface-to-air missile, or perhaps an air-to-air missile from a fighter plane, brought down the AN-26.
  • The AN-225 is THE biggest aircraft in the world, with a maximum take-off weight of 640 tonnes!

My question is this… what was loaded on to the biggest airplane in the world at East Midlands Airport and flown to the Ukraine? Parts of a Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing 777? The same aircraft that ‘disappeared’ from radar over the Andaman Sea.

2993618,h=425,pd=1,w=620Does this ‘seat’ look like it hit the ground at ‘free-fall’ speed? Or does it look like it was ‘placed’ in a field? Where is the crater? Why hasn’t any ‘sharp’ parts penetrated the soft earth? Like a piece of marmalade on toast… strange how it landed with a bare(!) body underneath? (Source:

Woken Up Yet?








The El-ites II: Who Are The El-ites?

Know Thy Enemy.

(Sun Tzu; Art Of War.)

I want to take you into the minds of the El-ites. Not a pretty place, I know, but someone has to go there; and, as they say, you can’t see darkness without shining a light into it.


As Sun Tzu stated, ‘know they enemy’ is imperative if we are to avoid ‘a hundred dangers’ and fight this war of attrition that has lasted for as long as the El-ites and their human slaves have been roaming this planet.


As I have written elsewhere, the El-ites genuinely believe that they are Gods, or descended from Gods, and that humans are their worker-slave race.

Who Are The El-ites?

Does society need an elite class?

When does Elitism become a problem?

Who were the El-ites?

Who are today’s El-ites?

What is The Third Revolution?

Where are the modern-day El-ites recruited from?

What unifies the El-ites?

What dangers do we face from the El-ites?

What can be done to avoid a ‘pessimistic finale’?

“RESILIENCE”: The New Buzzword of the Great Conspirators

The resilience of neoliberal urbanism (Tom Slater)

I too, had noticed that ‘RESILIENCE’ was becoming the new buzzword of the Great Conspirators, led by the Rockefeller Foundation, in their perpetration of Agenda 21. Expect to hear this word more often in the MSM (Mainstream Media).

“Resilience, the latest urban policy and think tank buzzword extolled upon the world’s urban dwellers, operates as an insidious alias to dispossession and territorial stigmatisation.”

This is an excellent article by Tom Slater, Reader in Urban Geography at the University of Edinburgh. Here are a few more choice quotes from the article. (Click here to see the full version.)

“The steer is towards a particular vision, that of the gentrifying city embraced by policy elites enamoured with pseudo-intellectuals… a humanising vision for cities without any acknowledgement of the disruptive and cookie-cutter gentrification that such a vision has unleashed all over the world.”


This is the latest policy and think tank abomination to infect and paralyse the study of cities, to the extent that it has become a research funding council priority all over the world.”

“… it is no coincidence that an entire cottage industry on “resilient cities” has emerged at a time of global austerity (a needless and wicked political and corporate assault on the poor that needs to be captured as a crisis per se, rather than as a response to an economic crisis).  The insidious work of urban resilience lies in the obvious and, to its proponents entirely logical policy suggestion the word carries: “urban dwellers of the world, brace yourselves for austerity [or environmental catastrophe] and everything will be fine in the end!”  Recently Julian Reid  tweeted a photograph of a poster which, in a beautiful act of resistance, perfectly captures the symbolic power of the anaesthetising spell of resilience:

A poster in New Orleans, blogged here.

Speaking about the Rockefeller Foundation‘s 100 Resilient Cities initiative, Tom interprets its aims as:

“prizes to the cities that rack up points in respect of getting back to the desired status quo of capital accumulation and elite wealth capture as quickly as possible.”

“In the UK it is currently being embraced and pushed by deeply conservative ‘good-design-can-save-us’ organisations such as The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and Create Streets…  In reality, they advocate the creation of self-absorbed, clap-happy zones proudly celebrating how handpicked social housing tenants – a minority – are hidden behind a sterile vernacular of Quality Street, neo-Georgian facades. Those behind the scenes, extracting value from the hysterical panic of a ‘housing shortage’ whilst ignoring the existence of nearly 1 million empty homes in the UK, call themselves ‘placemakers’ without the least hint of irony or even squeamishness.”

“Resilience so easily supports not only austerity, but the territorial stigmatisation that so often precedes strategies of dislocation (“that community is just not resilient enough, so we need to break it up and scatter its residents”).

“… when the shadowy urban ‘experts’ talk of “resilient cities”, there is a symptomatic silence over the… relentless quest for profit from land and real estate, usually achieved via violent land grab and forced eviction.”

He concludes:

“Neoliberal urbanism has proved to be extraordinarily resilient, and the most “resilient community” of all appears to be that of a cartel of politicians and financial executives, aided by think tanks and philanthropic organisations, who have “bounced back” (to take the language used in the Guardian) from a crisis they created with even more violence and venom towards marginalised citizens (who they treat as the culprits)….

We are not resilient.”






Small Plane Crash in Romania Unleashes Public Ire

Is a violent uprising necessary to create a revolution?


(Source: AP,

What does it take to spark a revolution?

“My resignation under these circumstances needs to become a normal thing in a democratic country,”  (Romanian Interior Minister Radu Stroe)

This event in Romania, on 23rd January 2014, suggests that violence is not necessary to spark a revolution. Exposing the naked truths of State hypocrisy, fraud and corruption is sufficient.

This incident reminds of 1989, when the Berlin Wall was brought down by people power. What’s the connection?

As I remember it, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet empire, started with very humble beginnings in Hungary. For some time prior to 1989, young people from Hungary had been crossing the border through a ‘hole’ in the fence. The border guards perhaps had some sympathy for the people and silently turned a blind-eye to this activity. News of ‘the hole’ began to spread and it became a popular meeting place in the summer months for family and friends who had been kept apart during the height of the Cold War. In 1989, the tide of people gathering at this location became a Tsunami and the Hungarian government, either through sympathy or lack of resources, did nothing to stop it. Within weeks, the fence and the Wall came crashing down.

No violent mob. No marching or demonstrations. No riots or war in the streets. Just a gentle dismantling of a barrier to freedom.

The news at the time took me completely by surprise; I did not see that coming. ‘How quickly things can change,’ I thought. And, how peacefully too.

This story from Romania highlighted the hypocrisy of a state that spends millions, perhaps billions, of Euros on surveillance and security. The irony of the situation was not lost on the Romanian people or the state officials. Resignations followed. Guilt can bring down a government much easier than violent uprisings.

If the people in every country of the world were aware of the corruption, fraud and hypocrisy of their governments, the state apparatus would implode on itself. A natural evolution, a peaceful revolution, would occur; similar to that in Berlin 1989, and on a grander scale than Romania, January 2014.

There are many of us sitting on stories of corruption, fraud and hypocrisy within the organisations we work for; afraid of the consequences of breaking the silence.

Courage and resilience are needed to speak up.

Is it time, yet, to cry out, “The Emperor has no clothes!”?

The western powers are in decline and they have a ‘scorched Earth policy’. Time is running out.






Enfield Riot Exposed?

Was the Enfield riot and inside job?

The Enfield riot took place on 7th August 2011, the day after the Tottenham riot, following the murder (‘lawful killing’, if there can ever be such a thing?) of Mark Duggan. The police claim they had ‘intelligence’ that rioters were heading for Enfield. Starting from approx 4pm, they gathered there, en masse, ready and waiting…







It is an HONOUR and a PRIVILEGE to share



F.S. MARVIN (Ed); 1932

“This book is based on lectures delivered at two Unity History Schools, one at Danzig in 1929, the other at Stockholm in 1931. The subject under discussion on both occasions was much the same, the history of the world since the War, with special stress on the growth of world co-operation… the general topics of education, the contact of races and the world-treatment of industry and finance, which are the most urgent problems of the day.”

Please print these files, in case anything ‘happens’ to this blog, its author or the source text.

(Please note: I share this book in the interests of Free Speech, Research and Truth-Seeking. It does not imply that I agree with everything in this book, and please keep in mind it was written by Europeans in the 1930′s.)

I will attempt to write short summaries of the chapters of this book in future posts; but for now, I’d like to make these overarching observations and appraisal of the book’s contents. The timing and the title of the book raise profound issues concerning the motives of its authors.


Have you been through the same dilemma as me? A swinging pendulum between knowing, and not knowing, what and who is good or evil? To the point where you feel you are going insane?

The New World Order (NWO) has a bad name; it is the epitome of evil and has become the road-map for totalitarian tyranny. Was it intended to be this way? What were the motives of the creators of the original New World Order? Is the demonism of the New World Order justified, and was it an accident or by design?

Maybe I’m naive? Maybe I too easily look for the good in people? But, perhaps it is time to re-open and re-examine the work of the original exponents of a new world order, forgive them for their 1930’s cultural idiosyncrasies, and listen to the spirit of what they said and the motivations behind their words. I am not convinced they were the evil people we believe them to be. I see a recurring pattern that makes me skeptical of the modern view of the New World Order and slow to judge the early visionaries of a new world order.


The El-ites have a clear modus operandi:

Take every good and benign idea, and profit from it; take every good-intentioned organisation and infiltrate it in order to destroy or control it.

It seems to me, that the vision of a new world order, along with many other free-thinking ideologies, has been hijacked, bastardised and demonised by the El-ites of their day; and always, on every occasion, because it threatens the very core of the El-ites’ power and authority.

Let me offer a few examples of ‘the many others’, in chronological order, to show you what I mean…

GOVERNMENT: Was there once a time (perhaps a ‘Golden Age’) when governance, leadership, perhaps even ‘God-ship’, over the people of the Earth was benign, respectful, loving and in balance with Nature (as brutal as it can sometimes be)? By way of example: a little like the aboriginal tribes of North America, the Amazon, Africa and Australia; who survived for thousands of years with their form of leadership and government in balanced relationship with Nature and their neighbours? When did we become slaves?

JUDAH-ISM: Originally an-archic (no-ruler) nomads, but changed after contact with Egyptian imperialists. Then, later, infiltrated by Khazarian/Maccabean ‘converts’: the ‘jews’ who give Judaism a bad name.

THE WAY (of Christ): An an-archic (no-ruler) ideology that was later (4thC) bastardised into ‘Christianity‘ and dominated by the religious El-ites that had taken over from the political El-ites of the Roman imperialists (i.e. Holy Roman Church).

ISLAM: A warrior-like defence of a peace-loving ideology under threat from the religious imperialism of the Roman empire; later infiltrated by literalist misogynists of Arabia.

THE MAGI: I use this term to encompass all HERMETIC traditions (including those above) such as, FREEMASONRY (infiltrated and brought under governance/control in the 18th C), and the ILLUMINATI (a term that merely means ‘enlightened’ but was infiltrated and politicised, again around the 18th C); both of which were originally founded in personal alchemy of turning one’s soul from the electro-magnetically (light) insulating ‘lead’, into a purified ‘golden’ being of light and love. Unfortunately, the El-ites took this spiritual concept literally, (and therein lies one of the roots of today’s problems!).

AMERICAN, FRENCH and RUSSIAN REVOLUTIONS: All these revolutions happened following an increasing enlightenment of the people which was allowed to enrage the lower ‘slave’ classes into revolt that could then be brought under control by greater authoritarian intervention and rule. Once the ‘peasants’ had revolted, the middle-class intelligentsia, who had become enlightened and understood the ruse, were then eliminated.

COMMUNE-ISM: A peaceful, but non-compliant rebellion against the pervading class structure based on communities working together in co-operatives to take power away from the ruling El-ite classes. Infiltrated, politicised and commercialised by profiteering corporate El-ites who turned commune-ism into anti-free-market trade practises that favoured the avaricious.

JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES: Initially, an amalgamation of Bible student groups who encouraged independent Bible study and exposed ‘religion as a snare and a racket.’ Infiltrated and commercialised by the second president, J.F. Rutherford, who brought in regulation and conformity to state laws by using the law to assert their right to ‘freedom to worship’ and proselytise . Their ideology attracted many people disillusioned with the political ramifications of Communism and mainstream religion. They too, used the terms ‘New World Order’ and even their translation of the Bible is called ‘The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures’.

So, now we come to the New World Order. From reading the book with the same title, and from reading other social writers of the era (e.g. H.G. Wells), it seems to me that the middle-class intelligentsia of the 1920’s and 30’s (following the end of WWI) saw clearly the tyrannical forces at work in their world and had witnessed the callous and inhuman activity of psycho-sociopaths that made up the banking El-ites who had, through war and control of the money supply, plunged the western world into debt and thereby enslaved whole nations and blackmailed the democratically elected representatives of the people.

The free-thinkers of the early years of the 20th century saw the need for a new world order, with humanitarianism as its core value and brotherly co-operation across all national boundaries. Again, this wonderful and enlightened idea of a new world order was hijacked and bastardised by the industrial and banking El-ites who saw this as a challenge to their authority that they could turn it into an opportunity for ultimate control. Our basic human need to co-operate and live freely and harmoniously together has been used against us by infiltrating any organisation or group that lives by these principles and gaining control of them. As Tobias Churton makes plain (talking about the infiltration of Freemasonry in the 18th century, but relevant as a general principle of governance):

“Creating state-neutral, non-political new ‘orthodoxies’ has been a method of government control since ancient times. [How ancient?] Locate the perceived threat, then ‘turn it’ into an innocuous body by maintaining elements of its former attractiveness while taking the sting out of its potential to challenge elements of state policy and control…

“How would you go about neutralising the perceived threat? Infiltrate, dominate, transform and recruit, recruit, recruit.”

Freemasonry: The Reality; 2007; pg320,( 2009 edition)

Does this pattern of control not fit the fate of the New World Order?

I am fully aware that, when I read the contents of The New World Order, I may be being blinded by rhetoric and ‘spin’ in the same way that the Rockefeller Foundation dresses its draconian control agenda in ‘nice’ language that makes them sound like little philanthropic angels. But, I put it to you, dear reader, that the new world order envisioned by the contributors to The New World Order was, and is, not the same New World Order that the corporate El-ites have ‘infiltrated, dominated, transformed and recruited, recruited, recruited’ into the diabolical dragon that it is today.

As The New World Order shows, their New World Order was to be the product of The League of Nations. Interesting then, that the USA refused to join The League of Nations, and the Roman Catholic Church refused to endorse it; while the Jehovah’s Witnesses saw it as “a disgusting thing standing in a holy place”. Interesting too, that The League of Nations was sabotaged and destroyed, and along with it, the hope of the original New World Order, only to be replaced by the El-ites’ exact replica, the United Nations, built on land donated by the Rockefeller family, and interpreted by Jehovah’s Witnesses as “the image of the wild beast” of Revelation 13 that had a death-stroke and got healed; and yet, the Jehovah’s Witnesses applied for, and was granted, associate status as an NGO of the United Nations in 1992.

Read The New World Order and judge for yourselves whether the founding fathers of the New World Order have been demonised and misrepresented by the modern-day totalitarian, corporate-controlled, NWO traitors to the human race… or not?

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