Massive Hoax 17

Worlds largest aircraftNIGHT-TIME PICK-UP?

(Photo source: Nottingham Post)

At first it appeared to be a simple ‘false flag’ event. But there’s more to Massive Hoax 17 (MH17) than simply making it look like the ‘enemy’ shot a plane down. Apart from the media hype (one interviewee on Radio 4’s ‘The World Tonight’, Thurs 17/7/14, repeatedly ignored questions in order to repeat the mantra… ‘this is not only an act of terrorism, it’s a crime against humanity’), there are the ‘inconsistencies’ about the whole ‘drama’.

Firstly, there is the problem of ‘rebels’ having the capability to shoot down a plane at an altitude of 33,000ft (interesting number in itself, don’t you think?). To do so, would require, not only highly sophisticated weaponry, but also highly trained and technological operators; not the sort that could be launched by a man in a field with a bazooka over his shoulder. But that’s convenient, because it draws in a super-power such as the Russians.

Another convenient (un)truth is the fact that there are no bodies… “armed rebels took the bodies away from their workers by force.”

But there’s more, and this one hits closer to home (if you live in England)…

According to ‘vox’,

“Four Ukrainian military planes have been shot down since June. Two of those incidents appear to have almost certainly have been caused by rebels, apparently demonstrating that they have the ability and willingness to shoot down a plane. But the other two were shot down at high altitude, like the MH17 flight was, and it’s not nearly as clear who was responsible.”

Let’s take a look at a short timeline:

The Fishy bits…

  • The AN-30 and the Il-76 were shot down from a ‘low’ altitude (low enough for a MANPADS missile to hit, ie: below 11,500).
  • The AN-26 and flight MH17 were out of range for a shoulder –fired missile. Either a more sophisticated surface-to-air missile, or perhaps an air-to-air missile from a fighter plane, brought down the AN-26.
  • The AN-225 is THE biggest aircraft in the world, with a maximum take-off weight of 640 tonnes!

My question is this… what was loaded on to the biggest airplane in the world at East Midlands Airport and flown to the Ukraine? Parts of a Malaysian Airlines’ Boeing 777? The same aircraft that ‘disappeared’ from radar over the Andaman Sea.

2993618,h=425,pd=1,w=620Does this ‘seat’ look like it hit the ground at ‘free-fall’ speed? Or does it look like it was ‘placed’ in a field? Where is the crater? Why hasn’t any ‘sharp’ parts penetrated the soft earth? Like a piece of marmalade on toast… strange how it landed with a bare(!) body underneath? (Source:

Woken Up Yet?








  1. It seems someone from the Ukrainian government did not want the Malaysian investigators getting to the crash site first:
    “More disturbing news is awaiting verification, as according to the DNR PM Aleksandr Boroday, speaking to RIA Novosti by phone, a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet attempted to shoot at a group of Malaysian and OSCE experts working at the scene of the Boeing crash on Wednesday [20/7/14].” And, “…local residents in the city of Torez, 20km from the crash scene, said that Ukrainian artillery used the Grad system to “shower” the city with bombs. Torez is within the 40-km safety radius allowed for investigations and agreed by the warring sides as being neutral at this time.”
    Interesting then, that the government collapsed on the 21st July.

  2. MH370 STORED AT DERBY ROLLS ROYCE FACTORY? Derby (GB/UK) is less than 10 miles from East Midlands Airport. Was MH370 remotely controlled using ‘Boeing Honeywell ‘Uninterruptible’ Autopilot System’?
    “Rolls Royce has a partnership that requires the engine to transmit live data to its global engine health monitoring center in Derby, UK, every 30 minutes.”

    CLARK: There hasn’t been one overwater incident in the history of civil aviation, apart form Amelia Earhart in 1939, that has not been at least five or ten percent trackable. This has disappeared. So for me that raises a degree of suspicion, and I’m totally dissatisfied with what is been coming out of all of this.

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