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Awakening is a very personal experience. It could be likened to breaking-up a relationship, or breaking free from a religious cult. There are, however, some common steps along the way:

  1. Realization: The trust and devotion to your partner is broken by lies and deceit, or you realize you’re both maturing and progressing in different directions. Your partner is not the person you thought they were, and the world is not what you thought it was.
  2. Anger and Guilt: You are angry with yourself, for allowing yourself to be duped; and with your lover and the world, for betraying you. Did I bring this on myself, by being so naïve? Why did I not see the truth before?
  3. Resentment: How much of my life have I wasted?
  4. Panic: Is there still time to do something with my life? Is there a major disaster on the horizon and how soon will it come?
  5. Resignation: Everything is shit and always has been; there is nothing I can do. The problems are too big for me to make any difference.
  6. ‘Meta-noia’ (from Greek: beyond knowing; mis-translated in the Bible as ‘repentance’): The realization that you are powerful enough to change your reality. Seeing the bigger picture. A change in your thinking based on wider/greater knowledge. The desire to do something positive.
  7. Action: A search for meaning and purpose; for a new role. Participating in whatever needs to be done. Doing your bit.
  8. Peace and Appeasement: A feeling of composure and contentment, knowing you are fulfilling your potential, self-actualizing, and playing your part in the greatest drama in our known universe.

The most difficult part, apart from realizing there is no need to panic, is the search for a new meaning and purpose to life and, especially, your life. It is the most difficult because it involves a complete reality check of the world and your place in it, of who you really are, of your life and its values and what you want to do with it. The search eventually leads to the meaning of life and a sense of spirituality; both highly subjective and transcendent. In their extremes, the results can lead to depression and hopelessness or euphoria and a Messiah Complex. The many self-help books, courses and belief systems, shows how difficult this search can be.

Mass Awakenings

The anthropologist Anthony F.C. Wallace described the phenomenon of cultural awakenings. These awakenings begin in a period of individual stress, when, one-by-one, people lose their bearings and experience a loss of identity. People discover that the traditional patterns of thought and behaviour that guide them in their daily lives, “mazeways”, are blocked or do not lead to the roles they anticipated and their lives have not unfolded in the ways they were led to expect.

This is followed by a period of “cultural disorientation”, in which people realize the problems are not personal, but are the result of institutional dysfunction.

As we begin to lose faith in key cultural institutions, such as churches, schools, police, and ultimately the Government, political rebellion and civil disobedience begin to create disorder. As a consequence, this stage of the Awakening, or revitalization, is marked by a loss of social cohesion, as the populace is at odds with itself.

At first there is a “natavist” backlash: conservative members of society look for scapegoats, usually the younger generation or “outsiders” such as immigrants or religious fundamentalists; and traditionalists call for a return to the old ways.

Today, the internet provides us with an endless amount of information which is not only exposing corruption and amoral institutions of perceived authority, but is also expanding our horizons, our desire to be creative and a need to create meaningful roles for ourselves that address the problems we face at both a global and a local level.

Faced with these needs and loss of confidence, we start to look for prophets, or what Wallace called “New Lights”; a saviour who can both lead and guide us, but also defeat and recreate the institutions that cause the problems in the first place.

A guru triggers awakening with energy… And this awakening, when it occurs, is as inevitable and natural as parents passing their genes on to their children… Once we become aware of existence through our guru – and that our true nature and the world we thought to be real is anything but what we’ve been told – there’s no turning back.

It is by no means necessary, however, to take the lonely path of a monastic life thereafter. One can live and work in this world as an awakened professional… Whether it is a corporate employee who wakes up to the scam being perpetrated on humanity and pulls out of ‘the matrix’, or a normal taxpaying worker who realizes he is contributing to a military-industrial machine hell-bent on control and world domination, it is all awakening.

It is important that the innate spiritual nature of human beings, whether we call it social liberty or the freedom to create and manifest as we truly are, is not suppressed. It is imperative for good people to know that they are working for bad people, powers or programmes – wittingly or unwittingly. This will help them to change and improve our existing structure….

It is essential, though, to address the overarching, deceitful and destructive powers and mechanisms at play in our world. These are attempting to lower humanity to a weakened and subservient state, through health degradation, dumbed-down education, mindless ‘bread and circuses’, electronic media, depraved violence and sex-oriented entertainment…

The beauty of gaining a new spiritual perspective is that it puts negative influences in our environments in their place. We discover new ways to perceive our true indomitable spirit, which gives tremendous peace and confidence, in spite of what we are currently facing. It has been said that most people only embrace real change when the pain of remaining the same drives them to it, or fate leaves them no choice. In the book Target 3 billion, I pointed out that while many in the developed world are programmed for luxury, major portions of the rest of the world have been engaged in some fairly significant change, because the pain of the status quo has become intolerable.

And the status quo of our inner lives may actually be a form of escapism. We are born with an incredible intelligence, the ability to feel things intensely, and to create amazing works of art. Yet ironically, the very things that make us human make us vulnerable to losing our connection with ourselves and with the universe in which we live. Our minds create a substitute universe within which we seem to exist, and we mistakenly focus on this universe of impressions about ourselves: what we like and dislike; what we feel; who we think is good or bad, and so on.

All these things give us a sense of personal identity. They make us think that we are something unique, independent and apart from all else around us. Our thoughts, ideas and opinions shape us into what we imagine ourselves to be as human beings. And from there, we live our lives. Alone and isolated, we become commanders of ourselves without the vision to see beyond the confines of our personal universe. We are cut off – like a fortress.

With such an attitude and limited awareness, we become impenetrable to anybody. We denounce the wisdom of others when it does not fit into the emotional framework of our lives. We choose to agree only with opinions of others who share our personal values and feelings about things, rather than investigate directly and objectively into the nature and basis of our views. And in this state of ignorance we become subservient; we are at the mercy of the popular status quo. Our true selves becomes ever more lost the further we proceed in this manner, and the prospect and task of recovering ourselves becomes ever more distant and difficult.

Unfortunately, there is no way to perceive this reality until we are lucky enough to get a glimpse of it directly, with the help of a great teacher – one who would open a window in the fortress. And even then, we have to take what we see seriously enough: it needs to matter to us if we are going to change our world views and escape our samsaric (indefinitely ignorant and miserable) condition. So strong and ingrained are our self-created belief structures, that they blind us from seeing past them. They obscure the truth, however clearly and directly it is presented to us…

Nevertheless, powerful human beliefs can sometimes strike us as absolute truths. When deeper beliefs are revealed to us as we progress spiritually, we can often attach great meaning to them. It is not hard to get so wedded to an improved belief that we feel like holding on to it forever. But even the most inspired human beliefs are transitory and need to be examined and regenerated…

We should remain aware, though, that obedience to any command is perilous. Obedience to good commands will unfailingly engender goodness. But the consequences of unmindful obedience range from the benign to the calamitous…

We are open to knowledge when we are willing to recognize spiritual laws as our laws, spiritual beliefs as our beliefs, spiritual sense as our sensations, and infinite identity as our identity. We begin to encounter true knowledge when we let our spiritual principles be infinite. This level of comprehension goes beyond simply understanding the principles involved. The principles are part of what we call our identity.

Spiritual knowledge does not necessarily come from experience, but it never comes without it. Understanding and experience can work together to form knowledge. If I do not understand something, however, and then I experience it, I may still lack understanding and knowledge. And much knowledge may appear to be beyond conceivable material experience. Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.

(A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, former President of India; in Transcendence, Harper Element, 2015)

Spiritual gurus, celebrities and organisations, such as the United Nations, appear to offer solutions and create illusory pathways through the cultural and social maze. This infantile need for some kind of parental guidance and authority to protect us from a dangerous ‘big brother’ or ‘wicked step-mother’ is deeply embedded in our psyche. But, as we mature as a species, we are realizing that there will be no Messiah, no Prophet, no alien return to Earth, and that the answers lie with us; the saviour we seek is within us, if we can just recognize our power and personal sovereignty.

Participating in the greatest drama on Earth.

Waking-up leads to an inevitable question… What can I do?

The simple answer is: PARTICIPATE.

But how?

Aristotle’s advice is singularly simple and helpful:

Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, there lies your purpose.

“But I don’t know what my talents are!?” you might say.

You will have certainly developed skills and talents during your life so far. These may be things you excel at, but may not be the things you really want to do, nor perhaps your natural talents. One way to discover your ‘hidden talents’ is to think back to when you were a child and the talents you had then. This is especially true when searching for ‘psychic’ or your ‘intuitive’ abilities: abilities that come naturally to you, talents that come so naturally that you don’t even see them as talents or anything ‘special’, talents you may have lost when you lost your childhood innocence (usually around age 4).

Whatever pathway you choose towards metanoia and self-actualizing, one thing is for sure:

It starts with meditation, employs your imagination and requires your active participation: Dream and Work. After all, these are the very same techniques that the El-ites use (albeit by proxy): We need to start playing them at their own game, now.







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