There is something you need to know. It is my honest but humble opinion that the year 2017 will be a marked year and the beginning of a turning point (a ‘revolution’) in the history of modern man and for the ancien regime. (read more – 2017 The Quiet Evolution)


In 2017 we will see the effects of an economic collapse that has already taken place behind the scenes in 2015-2016. To put it simply, the debt that the western world has racked up will be called in and we won’t be able to pay it. The people who own our debt are the Chinese and their Asian counterparts. They are seeking a ‘controlled demolition’ of the current economic system (as symbolized by the infamous ‘controlled demolition’ of the Twin Towers and WTC7 at the World Trade Centre complex, of 9/11) rather than a chaotic collapse or a forced takeover through a bloody military confrontation. (read more – 2017 Controlled Demolition)


I am not warning you; that would imply that there is something to fear, and the sowing of fear is a tactic of the El-ites, and I refuse to play their game. But neither am I promising a period of jubilant joy and happiness (at least not immediately). Whether you think this is ‘good news’ or not, will depend on how much you love the present system: its economy, its style of rulership and its material benefits. Whatever your viewpoint, the fact remains that you need to prepare; materially and mentally. It will be a time of great sadness and an outpouring of many tears for our losses; but I IMAGINE good will come of it, eventually. (read more – 2017 Good News)


At first, everyone will suffer, including the Chinese themselves, but after a period of about 12 years (circa 2030), things will settle down. The world we live in will be a very different place, and those of us who treasure freedom will need to find novel ways to express that freedom. Those who regard political socialism/communism as the cure for capitalism will realize there is a heavy price to pay for ‘the common good’. (read more – 2017 Costs of Collectivism)


How to prepare? That is a difficult question, and I cannot be sure that any advice will protect us from the consequences. Materially, we will need to prepare for the immediate consequences: food shortages, a much simpler (perhaps even ‘wild’) lifestyle, and ‘cash’ will have no value. Mentally, we will need to prepare, not only for a period of great poverty, but for a totalitarian regime that will demand complete obedience and subservience, and will require from us a ‘double life’ or ‘split personality’. (read more – 2017 How to Prepare)


I could easily be wrong about the year 2017, but I am certain that a totalitarian world government (even if made up of a coalition of the continents), led by the Chinese, will become a reality sooner or later. Whether this will be for good or evil will depend on your perspective and how you cope with the transition; but I am also certain that the El-ites will not go down without a fight and they will expect us to sacrifice our lives in their war. Of course, you have the right to say NO. Will you? (read more – 2017 ‘…Happily Ever After’)





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