2017 Revisited


Well, nothing happened in 2017 did it?

Nothing happened to the world; but something catastrophic happened in this author’s world.

The catastrophe and great sadness was personal; although I fail to see how the signs I saw on national TV could be directly aimed at me. Maybe that is how the cosmos works; maybe it was pure coincidence.

However, I leave the article on this site, both as a warning to readers of ‘conspiracy theories’ and as a reminder to me.

It should act as a warning that we should not believe every doomsayer we read or listen to. Many people have made prophecies that they thought were being channelled through them, only to find that it was delusional.

It is a reminder to me that I should never try to be a prophet, and that I should concentrate on my world and not let important relationships slide into the background.

However, the experience of 2017 has led to great discovery and an ‘awakening’ of sorts. But before I write about this great discovery, I must test it out scientifically and not rely on my own personal anecdotal evidence. That, I have learned!



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