“You are the light of the world.

A city cannot be hid when situated upon a mountain.

People light a lamp and set it, not under the measuring basket, but upon the lampstand, and it shines upon all those in the house.

Likewise, let your light shine, that they may see your fine works…”

Jesus of Nazareth c29-33CE

DSCF1917The whole purpose of anyone sharing their views is to illuminate.


Even if their views are wrong, which they will inevitably be as their knowledge and understanding increases, their illumination of the nature of the world and the wider universe will always help some individuals on their life-journey towards greater enlightenment. 

The purpose of this blog, The Great Con5piracy, is to shine some light on the whole notion of ‘conspiracy theories’ to illuminate and bring into focus the outline of the big picture and show that the nature of life on this planet is ‘with (con) [a] plan (spiracy)’. It must be noted, however, that the ‘plan’ may not necessarily be a written or an intellectually derived plan.

 The ‘spire’ part of the word ‘conspire-acy’ is derived from the Latin ‘spirare’, meaning ‘breathe’, from which we also get the word ‘spirit’.


In fact, as I hope to show here, the Great Conspiracy has to be as fluid, flexible and fickle as a breeze or breathing. The fine details of the plan are irrelevant; what is more important is the spirit driving the actions of those involved and the spirit behind the desired outcome. And that, my dear friends, is where you and I come into this Great Conspiracy…


There are those on this planet whose spirit is one of avarice and selfish exploitation of humans and planet Earth. Their plan (conspiracy) will lead to, not only the death of many humans and species of life, which they have already proven they are prepared to do, but to the death of planet Earth. If you need an example of what Earth may look like if these conspirators are not stopped, simply look up into the sky at our ‘red’ neighbour: Mars.


Conversely, there are those on this planet whose spirit is one of love and light, and who wish to take nothing more from this planet than what they came with. Their plan (conspiracy) will lead to greater diversity of life on Mother Earth and maintain Her health and well-being.


Beware of making judgments about which of these is ‘good’ and which is ‘evil’. For, the psychopathic predators see their point of view as ‘good’; to them, the purpose of life is to make personal (material) gains that can be handed down to their offspring and genetic counterparts in whom they wish to re-incarnate and thereby perpetuate their ownership of all they have strived for and for which they have sacrificed their human emotions. To them, those whose spirit is one of love and light are a nuisance and stand in the way of their progress.


To the lovers of Earth, the predators are ‘evil’ and threaten their existence and the life of Her, whose existence they were born from, and on whom they depend. Their journey is of a spiritual nature and they wish to incarnate into a higher spiritual being. They have not fallen so much in love with this material life that they want to perpetually return to it. They strive to improve their soul while they are on Earth and are happy to sacrifice all material benefits and luxuries in order to progress toward a higher spiritual body of light. 


It is vitally important, at this point in this discourse, that you understand the word progress and all the other words that contain the root word ‘gress’ (such as ag-gress-ion [aggression], re-gress [regress] or di-gress [digress]); because, it is the contention of the aggressive conspirators that the Earth-lovers are against progress. In their minds, artists and philosophers (philo, brotherly love [of] sophy, knowledge = philosophy) do nothing to generate profit and idly sit around creating works of art and ideas that have no objective value, and who need business-minded people to turn their creations into money.


The root word, ‘gress’, comes from the Latin root ‘gradi’, meaning ‘walk’. ‘Progress’ literally means: forward/onward (pro) walking (gress).

Can you see, that the value judgment of which path is good or evil depends on which direction you are walking?

The accusation that Earth-loverDSCF2060s and peace-lovers are against progress is simply not true. Artists, philosophers and all kinds of creative people, do not desire a regression toward the ‘old days’ of Neolithic, Barbaric or Medieval life-styles, and are not against progress. The difference of opinion depends on which direction one is progressing/walking. The predatory psychopaths are so limited in their vision and empathy that they do not see, and do not care, that their progress leads to doom, death and destruction. The lovers of light and truth want everyone, both now and in the future, to progress towards greater diversity, knowledge and spiritual consciousness.


Which path is evil and which is good, depends entirely on which way you are facing; one way is in front of you (and you think is good), the other way is behind you (and you think is bad). Which leads us to…


 Each and every one of us has the freedom of choice over which way we are facing, and which way we are walking. We CHOOSE which way to progress. And therein lies the conflict. Those who are aggressive, inevitably rise to power. Those who are passive can easily be bullied into submission. The 1% who determine and control which way humanity is progressing have had the upper hand for millennia. How have they achieved this? What is their modus operandi? In other words, what is their Great Conspiracy? More importantly, How can we break the repetitive revolutions of history that always lead to greater tyranny? What solutions can you and I offer to humanity? What light can we shed on world events to help each other see through the El-ites’ deception?


It is time for the 99% to show a little more imagination and become conscious of their inner and collective power to direct progress away from disaster. Mother Earth is crying out for it.








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