One of the issues I have with writing a blog is a similar issue to surfing the internet…

‘It’s a way of exposing to the world, not only my thoughts and thought processes, but also what I am feeding my mind with.’

Which is quite a scary thought in itself, don’t you think?

However, if the world’s ‘security’ agencies have access to my internet history records, then what’s the use of trying to hide it?

Now, my mind often goes off on some interesting twists and turns, I can start off thinking about one thing and, within a few seconds, end up thinking about something completely un-related and I often don’t understand how my mind gets to where it is, from where it started; but there must be some sort of logic in there somewhere.

So, I’d like to share with you some of my little journeys down, what I like to call, my ‘Rabbit Holes’. I’m not suggesting they lead to dead-ends or illogical and mind-bending conclusions, but often they end up back where I started.

In the category, ‘Down The Rabbit-Hole’, you will find links to some interesting pages on the internet which I think are worthy of your attention. Hopefully, with an explanation of why I chose to look at that page, you will understand how and why I arrived at that website, and you can choose whether to follow my trail or navigate your own path through the pages I present to you.

Have a pleasant trip!

Index of Posts:

18th November 2013: From Lancashire to Nottinghamshire

28th July 2013: From: Mail-On-Sunday, to: Ancient Technology for Metal Coatings 2,000 Years Ago


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