I’ve been watching the world since I first opened my eyes.

I’ve been listening to people since I first opened my ears.

I’ve been smelling aromas since I first opened my lungs.

I’ve been tasting life’s water since I opened my mouth.

I’ve been feeling Earth’s pain since I opened my heart.

And what have I learned since then?

Ever since the first Humans opened their mind, they have been dominated; their right to live freely, without guilt or shame, exposed as naked naivety.

With Knowledge came ConScience.

Dominated by El-ites who, as their name suggests, think they are Gods, descended from Gods, or at least have a God-given right to rule, and whose Great Conspiracy has been to Divide and Conquer by spreading distrust and fear through Conspiracy Theories and Dis-information mixed with Scientific Theories and Facts, Human Beings have forgotten what simply Being Human is like.

It is time for the Human Race to grow up, to mature and take back our planet.

Wake Up World!

The Great Con is being exposed and the El-ites are showing their true identities as Pirates of the Cosmic ocean.

Just as a swarm of bees can disable a predator as big as a bear; we too can overpower our intra-species predators, the El-ites and their narcissistic psychopath supporters, with their greatest fear:

Our numbers!

It requires patience and restraint. It needs intelligence and courage. It demands an end to the victim/hunted mentality and a beginning of conscious awareness of our power to create solutions. All of us can do our part.

The Lion can sleep no more!

IMAGINE a world of tranquility;

and it will become reality.


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